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Grilled swordfish with grilled Asparagus

Grilled swordfish with grilled Asparagus | Wence's Restaurant

Weekly Special, October 28

Tonight we are serving a Grilled swordfish with grilled Asparagus, garlic mash potatoes paired with 4 sautéed black mussels, 3 pan-seared scallops finished with a shallot dill Dijon mustard cherry tomatoes sauce.

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Weekly Specials

Diablo Magazine, November 2019 Issue
Diablo Magazine, November 2019 Issue | Wence's Restaurant

What People Are Saying About Us
Our customers aren't afraid to tell the world that we've done a great job for them, because they value our quality, work ethic and skills. If you ever want a full list of references, just simply ask.

Came here during brunch for a friend and had a great time.

Atmosphere - Wences is in a tiny pavilion of some sorts with limited parking and one way parking ways. The inside was very clean, but also a bit dark. I believe this had to do with the dark color theme they were going for, but still sunlight was able to shine through. There were many booths along the side and lots of open tables in the middle. It almost looks like a club at night.

Food - At the time, I was looking for something that was light, heavy, and healthy. That's why I went with the Wences Omelet (pictured). The flavors were there and everything tasted right. I even got a side of hollandaise sauce. SO GOOD! And it accomplished what I wanted it to. Not too heavy, and just right.

Service - Our server was phenomenal! We were a party of 14+ and she delivered on all of our needs. Sometimes, she was missing for a very long time though, but other than that she did great!

Awesome brunch place and would definitely recommend this place to others.

CJ C. | Sacramento CA